WARNING: Nanobox is reaching its end of life on March 31, 2021.
After that time, you will be unable to access the Nanobox service.
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Get Your Head Out of the Cloud

Nanobox is the simplest way to deploy and manage a flexible cloud infrastructure.

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Simple app deployment & management. Run a modern cloud infrastructure with power and peace of mind.
Focus on your business
Don't get pulled into solving never-ending infrastructure problems. Keep your mental clarity for your most important problems.
Automate complex processes
Most operations are inherently complex with a lot on the line. Let Nanobox lower your stress by orchestrating the moving parts.
Reduce technical surface area
Shrinking the surface area and reducing the moving parts enables focus. Nanobox helps you focus on the right things.
Simple by default, deeply customizable by design
Nanobox relies on sensible defaults to get you up and running quick. When you need it, Nanobox allows you do customize all the way down.
Good visibility leads to good decisions. Know exactly what's happening and respond immediately.
Realtime health monitoring
Take the guesswork out of running your app. Nanobox tracks & reports app and server health so you can respond in real-time to usage fluctuations.
Open and transparent
all the way down
There's no black box here. You'll never find yourself locked out of a critical piece of your infrastructure, ever.
Exactly the right scale. Quickly scale up or down to handle rapidly shifting needs.
No ceilings or limitations
Start small or scale to the moon. Nanobox makes it trivial to scale and expand your infrastructure to meet ever-changing production workloads, in realtime.
No dev-ops expertise needed
Nanobox is an automated dev-ops decision engine culminated from over a decade of running high-scale production infrastructure. Let Nanobox drive. It's been there before.
The Flexibility to evolve as needed. No vendor lock-in, ever. Your infrastructure should never slow down your team or restrict your business.
Define & customize your environment
Launching an app on Nanobox is dead simple. However if you need to configure & customize your runtime in any way, we provide clear and simple processes for customizing and controlling every aspect of your environment.
Choose the cloud provider that fits you best
Deploy your app consistently to whatever cloud provider best matches your budget, geographical location and resource needs. Nanobox is provider agnostic; even if you need to switch providers down the road, your workflow will remain unchanged.
Years of real world production experience. Nanobox builds on over 10 years of experience running production workloads for some of the most notable companies