Nanobox vs Heroku

So... what exactly is the difference between Nanobox and Heroku?

Deploy Anywhere

Don't want your app on AWS? That's fine, with Nanobox, you can deploy it to Digital Ocean, or Linode, or Google Cloud, or wherever you want. Nanobox is host-agnostic so you'll never get locked into a provider. If there isn't an official integration with your provider of choice, use our open provider spec to build your own integration.

You Own the Infrastructure

Any time you deploy an app with Nanobox, we deploy it to your servers. Not ours. You own the infrastructure. We just set everything up for you and give you tools to manage it all.

No More Sleeping Apps

Even your smallest live apps are always live. Apps deployed with Nanobox never go to sleep.

Playing with and am impressed. Closest I've found to a fast, reliable & simple multi-cloud Heroku-a-like so far.Peter Cooper – Publisher-in-Chief at Cooper Press

Development and Production

Our industry is full of companies and products that solve problems related to production deployment and management, but one of the neglected and often disconnected areas of your workflow is local development. Nanobox provisions virtual development environments on your local machine AND identical, full-blown production infrastructures on live servers, unifying your entire dev-to-production workflow.