Nanobox is the easiest way to get an app running locally, deploy it to the cloud, and scale it in production
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What you do
What Nanobox Does
Make an app
Define what your app needs to run in a simple boxfile.yml
Install nanobox and get started with $ nanobox run
Nanobox creates a virtual machine. It then downloads, installs and configures everything your app needs to run.
Run your app
Run whatever command you use to start your app, then visit your app in the browser
nanobox run rails s
Nanobox runs your command in the virtual machine and proxys requests to a local ip or dns alias into your app.
Code your app
Code your app using your text editor of choice
Nanobox detects code changes and seamlessly mounts them into the VM
Deploy to the cloud
$ nanobox deploy to deploy to the cloud of your choice.
nanobox deploy
Nanobox compiles your code, provisions servers, installs runtimes, and deploys your app to the cloud.
Live in Production
Use the powerful dashboard to scale and manage your app in full production.
Nanobox handles all the server management, load balancing, health monitoring, message routing, log aggregation, etc..
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Running Locally
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Deploying to the cloud
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Watch a Demo
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