Nanobox does a lot of things for developers.

In summary, Nanobox is a micro platform as a service designed to streamline the dev-to-production life-cycle for developers. It is a development platform, a deployment tool, a production management tool that allows developers, dev team leaders, DevOps, and others involved with the creation and publication of software applications to accomplish their objective - getting a functional, finished product meeting the needs of their user base - much more efficiently.

Nanobox has taken the hassle out of setting up your development environment. We've made it so that you can deploy easily. And we have created tools that simplify the process of managing your application as it does its work in production, including giving you much more flexibility over scaling your application and allocating resources, including databases, workers, and web components.

Nanobox streamlines key components of the software development life cycle, functioning as the following:

  • Application Development Environment
  • Application Deployment Platform
  • Application Management Tool

Application Development Environment

Nanobox is an application development environment.

Developers know how painful the process of setting up a development environment can be. Nanobox allows developers to skip most of the config elements required to set up an environment, giving you just enough config to make your dev environment have the flavor you want, but taking out all the annoying stuff. Developers use Nanobox to create isolated environments that are easy to manage and keep organized, keeping your local environment from becoming a mess of conflicting dependencies that require hours of troubleshooting.

For development teams, Nanobox keeps environments consistent, making it easier to coordinate coding and testing by removing the variables introduced by inconsistent development environments. Dev team managers use Nanobox to bring on new team members or roll out new projects to their teams, getting everyone coding in much less time than if they had to configure and troubleshoot each machine.

On a fresh laptop, our latest dev was up and running with Nanobox - repos cloned, DB >imported, local running - in 7 minutes flat. Unheard of.

- John Razmus, VP of Engineering, Tecademics

Application Deployment Platform

Nanobox is an application deployment platform.

Creating the application and testing it gets you only part of the way to completing the objective of publishing a viable app. Nanobox simplifies the often-complicated process of deploying your code - a process that can take up too much time and attention from developers, devops, and team managers.

The process of moving code from dev and test environments into production can be time-consuming, complicated, and frustrating. Nanobox streamlines the entire experience of application deployment, allowing you to seamlessly move from code completion to a working app.

Application Management Tool

Nanobox is an application management tool.

Once your application has been deployed to production, there are tasks to be dealt with, including scaling your application to handle increased demand, monitoring your application's performance and making adjustments to ensure that your app successfully fulfills its purpose.

Nanobox functions as a complete set of application monitoring and management tools, making the public part of your software's life-cycle seamless, easy, and mostly automated.

Get Started With Nanobox

Nanobox is free for personal use and open source projects. Visit our pricing page to learn about our paid plans.

To get started with Nanobox, sign up for an account, set up Nanobox following one of our language or framework guides, and watch your life as a software creator and application developer become simpler and easier.

If you have other questions or need some help getting started email us at, call us at 801-396-7422, or message us through any of our social media channels.