Unified Teams

Every developer knows how impossible it is to get other developers on their team to use the same tools: operating systems, text editors, environment managers... Getting an app up and running across different team members' machines can be a nightmare, and still doesn't guarantee consistency. Nanobox builds consistent, fully-containerized development environments across your teams' machines so everything just works.

What is Nanobox
On a fresh laptop, our latest dev was up and running with Nanobox - repos cloned, DB imported, local running - in 7 minutes flat. Unheard of.John Razmus - VP of Engineering at Techademics

Consistency is Everything

Nanobox is designed with developers in mind. It uses a simple config file, the boxfile.yml, to create consistent, replicable application environments. Share your environment with anyone, anywhere, and it will run the same.

Boxfile.yml Info

Shareable Environments

Once your application environment is configured in the boxfile.yml, you can share your project with anyone and have them up and running in minutes. Nanobox makes it easy to unify your entire team's development environments.

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Set-it and Forget-it

Because the boxfile.yml is included with your app's source code, your environment goes wherever your code goes. Regardless of who is running the application, or where it's running, the environment is the same every time.

It Just Works

If the app works on your machine, it'll work on others'. No more time wasted setting up environments across different machines and operating systems. Gone are the days of hearing "I don't know, it works for me."

No Fuss

It can take hours to get your team using the same development environment. Installing, configuring, troubleshooting, tinkering, tweaking languages/versions, databases, dependencies, services... the list is endless. Nanobox automates all of the setup for you.