Eliminate Cruft

Each development project has a unique set of requirements. Over the years, cruft from these requirements starts to pile up on your machine -- languages, dependencies, databases, etc. Nanobox isolates project requirements inside of a virtual environment. When that environment goes away, the cruft goes with it.

What is Nanobox
My boss really likes the idea of Nanobox, especially because the dev PC's will remain much cleaner (we currently have 10 ruby versions with rvm, some elixir versions with asdf, and nodejs + npm packages)... huge chaosPhilip Giuliani - @philipgiuliani

Let us do that

When starting a new application, you don't need to worry about all the languages, versions, and dependencies your application is going to need. Simply describe your applications environment and Nanobox will get everything all setup for you. We'll download everything your application needs to run and make sure it's all setup just the way you need.

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Isolated Dependencies

Don't worry about languages and services piling up on your local machine. Nanobox provisions your application's infrastructure inside a virtual machine. Each environment is isolated, created specifically for the application for which it's built. When you're done, just throw the environment away and spin up a new one in seconds.

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App Consistency

Nanobox was designed with developers in mind. It uses a simple config file, the boxfile.yml, to define an application's environment and create consistent, reliable runtimes. Whether you're working alone, or on a team, you can guarantee that your app's environment will be the same every time you run it.

Set-it & Forget-it

Because the boxfile.yml lives with your app's source code, your app's environment goes whenever your code goes. Regardless of how much time passes, that environment can be recreated anytime, anywhere.

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