Consistent Build Process

Traditionally, the way you would build code is with a build server. This server has to be configured to pull code, compile it, and push it to production. With Nanobox you don't need to waste time or money on coming up with a build process, or configuring a build server. The build process happens locally, creating a production ready runtime that syncs with your production application in minutes.

What is Nanobox
On a fresh laptop, our latest dev was up and running with Nanobox - repos cloned, DB imported, local running - in 7 minutes flat. Unheard of.John Razmus - VP of Engineering at Techademics

Consistent Builds

Because Nanobox is in control of the build process, regardless of where the build happens (Windows, Mac, Linux, or a CI server) the result will always be the same. Save time and money by eliminating the need to establish build process and build servers.

One Config to Rule Them All

Nanobox makes it easy to modify the build process with the boxfile.yml which is part of your codebase. You no longer need to coordinate an update to the build process with the entire team. It's included in the project.

Do More with Less

Nanobox makes it so easy to build and deploy your application, that many organizations find they no longer have a need for large deployment teams. A single developer can find themselves with the power and control of an entire team.