Easy Atomic Rollback

Every developer makes mistakes — it's a fact. But every developer dreads making those mistakes in production. Even with the best testing and deployment practices, sometimes a bug just slips through. If/when something goes wrong, Nanobox makes it easy to quickly rollback to the previous working codebase.

What is Nanobox
On a fresh laptop, our latest dev was up and running with Nanobox - repos cloned, DB imported, local running - in 7 minutes flat. Unheard of.John Razmus - VP of Engineering at Techademics

Instant Rollback

Nanobox gives you the ability to instantly rollback to a previously working commit and get your app up-and-running in no time. No more digging through source code trying to find the offending code/commit and trying to get things running.


Oops... I did it again

Every deploy creates a packaged release of your application's runtime. Nanobox lets you choose how many of these packages you want to store. You can have anywhere from 1 to 100 or more, depending on whether you like to play it safe or live life on the edge.

Deploy History

I've seen worse...

If your production application somehow gets broken beyond repair, don't worry. Nanobox makes it easy to re-deploy any working version of your local application in just minutes, giving you a chance to catch your breath and get things figured out.

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