Nanobox: Production Server Management

Nanobox is an application management system that allows you to monitor the performance of your app and update its components as it runs in a production environment. The Nanobox app management interface simplifies what normally requires significant devops skills and attention. Nanobox simplifies managing the production environment for product managers and dev teams in any organization.

In today’s agile business climate, dev teams are required to share in the responsibility of doing production application management. For teams that lack deep DevOps experience, Nanobox is extremely valuable. Nanobox automates many of the functions of system admins.

Monitoring App Health and Resource Usage

The Nanobox production management dashboard provides introspection tools that include:

  • Application components resource usage - per server and per container
  • Live and historical logs
  • Resource usage stats
Monitor production application resources

Nanobox provides flexibility in the granularity of app monitoring. You can view app resource usage on a server level or on a container level.

Remote Access

Nanobox gives remote access control to team members, granting them full access to servers, processes, and consoles inside of the production environment.

Production Docker application container management

Scaling Production Apps

Nanobox facilitates both horizontal and vertical application scaling. Scaling is done easily using intuitive buttons and sliders that allow you to tune your app exactly how you want it.

Easily scale production application with zero downtime

There’s no need set up your own load balancer. Nanobox does it automatically. For nodes that exist in a cluster, we automatically round-robin requests, which provides seamless concurrency.

Nanobox provisions applications according to your specifications using Docker containers. Initially, an application is provisioned on a single server. However, you have the ability to convert any of your Docker-based containers into its own server. For those who choose to take advantage of it, this setup gives you much more flexibility and precise control over your application compared to other application scaling tools.

Managing TLS/SSL Certificates

The process of setting up SSL certificates on production apps tends to be tedious. Nanobox simplifies the process of traditional SSL certificate installation. Nanobox also integrates with LetsEncrypt, allowing you to install an SSL certificate in seconds.

Quickly add SSL/TLS encryption

Team Management and Access Control

Nanobox’s production management system also includes access control features that allow you to implement your security and access policies easily inside of your production application. Nanobox restricts access using firewalls to team members that have been explicitly added to the team. Team member access is managed via permissions that are associated with roles that can be assigned to team members.

As you can see, each of the elements of Nanobox’s application server management toolset have been designed to simplify management overhead for production applications.

Get Started With Nanobox

Nanobox is free for personal use and open source projects. You can learn about our paid plans by visiting our pricing page.

To get started with Nanobox, sign up for an account, set up Nanobox following one of our language or framework guides, and watch your life as a software creator and publisher become simpler and easier.

If you have other questions or need some help getting started email us at, call us at 801-396-7422, or message us through any of our social media channels.