Nanobox Production
Powerful Dashboard
Pocketsize Production Platform
Message Bus
Keeps messages flowing between your app's components
Tracks all your app's log for convenient consumption
Health Monitor
Health Monitor
Tracks server and container health
(ram, cpu, etc)
Load Balancer
Load Balancer
Routes and balances web requests
Stores deploy assets, runtimes, etc.
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Deep Health Monitoring
Know exactly how your app is performing. View the resource usage at a glance, or in minute container specific detail.
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Flexible Scaling
Watch the Demo : Scaling an app in production
Vertical Scaling
Give your app more resources by quickly moving to larger servers as needed.
Horizontal Scaling
Increase the number of instances of your code to handle a greater number of requests. The load balancer automatically round robins requests.
Seamless Deploys, Data Migrations & Scaling

Nanobox applies best-practices and years of experience to ensure transitions happen smoothly and with minimal interruption to your users.

Flexible Infrastructure

Nanobox builds your infrastructure to be fluid and reactive. Because we handle the complexity, massive changes to scale or structure are now within your reach without needing to master gobs of devops black magic.

High Availablity + Redundancy

Nanobox was designed from the very beginning to enable highly-available, redundant apps, without any prior knowledge or expertise required. Scaling is built directly into the framework, and has never been easier.

Run on Any Cloud

Nanobox was designed to be completely portable and able to run on any cloud provider. There is no need to program your app specific to a particular cloud offering or even spend time learning the ins-and-outs of a particular vendor.

Resize Databases on the Fly

The Nanobox team has been dealing with large-scale database clusters for the last decade. We've managed thousands (that's right, thousands) of database clusters. Everything from scaling databases, migrating databases, recovering databases, and have seen a few corrupted. We've walked the trail of tears and this hard-fought experience is baked into Nanobox. When it comes to your data, don't gamble.

Rollback any Deploy

Nanobox allows you to easily rollback an erred deploy and get things back up and running quickly.

Team Collaboration

You're building something bigger than yourself, and you need help. Nanobox was designed for teams by empowering them to work more efficiently and effectively.

Component Isolation

Nanobox offers the flexibility to break each runnable entity into an isolated component giving you maximum options for configuration and scaling.

No Vendor Lockin

Move freely from one cloud provider to the next. Nanobox commoditizes the cloud so you can focus on what's important: cost, SLA, performance, regulations, proximity, whatever... Choose the offering that is the best for you, your app, and your customers.

Unlimited Apps

Whether you have a quick prototype to show off, or a real project that needs to be live right now, the entire process takes minutes. Nanobox launches servers on your behalf on your cloud provider of choice and deploys your application for you. Since Nanobox takes on all of the hard stuff, you're left with the fun stuff – building awesome apps.