Nanobox Local
Developer Nirvana
$ nanobox run
Building dev environment : + Installing languages, databases and dependencies + Starting docker container + Configuring local environment
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- + You are in a Linux container + Your local source code has been mounted into the container + Changes to your code in either the container or desktop will be mirrored + If you run a server, access it at >> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
/app $_
Designed for the Ideal Dev Workflow
Zero to dev
in 2 minutes
Instant on / off environment
Env Parity
Easy up, Easy Down
$ nanobox run
App Source Code
Your code is mounted into the virtual machine, and changes in either location are mirrored.
Languages / DB / etc
Nanobox reads your boxfile and downloads, installs and configures everything your app needs to run.
Docker Containers
Your app runs in docker containers consistent across local computers and production servers.
Virtual Machine (VM)
Your services run in an ultra lightweight Ubuntu virtual machine (30mb RAM). Requests to localhost are proxied to your app.
Isolated Environments

Nanobox uses a simple config file, to define an application's environment and create consistent, reliable runtimes. Whether you're working alone, or on a team, your app's environment will be the same every time.

Pre-Deploy Staging

Make sure your app will work perfectly in production before you deploy. Nanobox provides a simulated production environment on your local machine to which it deploys your app as if it were deploying to live servers — a perfect local staging environment.

No Runtime bloat

Never install a language or database on your computer again. Nanobox runs everything in a lightweight VM. Bring your entire dev environment up in seconds with one command. When you're done working, shut it down to keep your machine slim and snappy.

Run Legacy Apps

Because the boxfile.yml lives with your app's source code, your app's environment goes whenever your code goes. Regardless of how much time passes, that environment can be recreated anytime, anywhere. You no longer have to dread coming back to a project, whether that's after 1 month or 1 year.

Shared code / shared environment

Rest assured that your app will run consistently regardless of variations in your team's computers and operating systems.

Up and running Instantly

New team members can be up and running in minutes. Because nanobox installs and configures everything needed to run your app, new devs can skip lengthy runtime installation and be productive now.