Nanobox: Application Deployment Tool

Nanobox is an application deployment tool that automates the normally cumbersome process of moving apps out of development and into a production environment.

The Nanobox development environment simplifies the software development life cycle and allows developers to focus on code instead of config, which accelerates the completion of a coding project. Our software deployment system then makes the deployment of completed code into a production environment easy and seamless.

The Application Deployment Process

Once the process of creating and testing a new app or a new version of an app has been completed, it's time for deployment. As most developers know, this deployment phase can be tricky. One or more cloud servers has to be ordered and set up. An operating system needs to be installed, along with language, database, and other packages that will run the code. Firewalls and IP tables need to be set up and configured...The list of necessary deployment tasks goes on and on.

Nanobox was designed by experienced developers who understand well that the software deployment process represents the culmination of lots of hours of work. Having a tool that automates the application deployment process is critical to bridge the gap between development and production.

Nanobox as your application deployment tool allows your development team, DevOps group, or whoever else in your organization is responsible for rolling out code to production servers to save themselves hours of work that is normally involved when deploying an application into a production environment.

Here's the process of using Nanobox as an application deployment tool.

Consistent Docker environments deployable anywhere

Once your code is finished, tested, and ready to be released to production, simply use the Nanobox desktop (a CLI) to deploy your code using the command nanobox run.

You can easily connect the cloud provider of your choice, including Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode, Google Cloud, and other popular hosts, to your Nanobox account. Then, when you're ready to deploy, you simply choose your preferred provider through the dashboard and let Nanobox order a new server.

Once you are ready to deploy, there are just a few steps to follow, including:

  • create and name your new app in your Nanobox dashboard, including selecting a cloud provider for your new app
  • run the command nanobox remote add [your appname] to link your code base to the new app you've created through the Nanobox dashboard
  • run nanobox deploy

Normal DevOps Deployment Versus Nanobox

Developers and DevOps alike know the long list of to-dos involved in deploying an application. Even for companies that have experienced development teams and staff dedicated to help with deployment, getting through that list can cause unwanted launch delays and can eat up hours of time that could be spent more productively.

Nanobox's deployment tools automate most of the elements of the deployment checklist, including:

  • Ordering a new cloud server to host the application
  • Setting up the new server with an operating system
  • Installing packages for required languages, databases, and other components of the application
  • Configuring the application to communicate correctly across a network environment
  • Setting up security components such as firewalls and IP tables
  • Creating ssh keys and establishing access control policies
  • Setting up a reverse proxy such as nginx
  • Uploading the application to the server
  • Starting the application
  • Several other software deployment tasks that normally take hours to complete

We have created several language-based guides to get you started on your way to using Nanobox as a development environment, a deployment tool, and for managing your applications while they live in production.

Nanobox supports some of the most popular programming languages, including:

Customized support for any language and framework
  • Python
  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • Go
  • Elixir
  • ERLang

Get Started With Nanobox

Nanobox is free for personal use and open source projects. Visit our pricing page to learn about our paid plans.

To get started with Nanobox, sign up for an account, set up Nanobox following one of our language or framework guides, and watch your life as a software creator and application developer become simpler and easier.

If you have other questions or need some help getting started email us at, call us at 801-396-7422, or message us through any of our social media channels.