Tasty Deploys
Zero Downtime Deploys
When new code is deployed, new containers are provisioned and built while old app containers continue to serve traffic
When the new containers are complete, traffic is routed to them. The old containers are then destroyed.
Deploy with Confidence
nanobox deploy dry-run
Running a dry run deploy builds a local instance of your app with the same structure and configuration that will be built in production.
nanobox deploy staging
If you want to test functionality in a hosted server setting but without the risk of introducing new bugs into the live app, quickly spin up a temporary staging environment, test, then shut it down when you're done.
nanobox deploy production
Deploying to production has never felt so safe. Knowing that your app worked perfectly in a staging environment or a dry run simulation takes the stress our of pushing to production.
Instant Rollbacks
Nanobox gives you the ability to instantly rollback to a previously working commit and get your app up-and-running in no time. No more digging through source code trying to find the offending code while your site is on fire. Learn More
Consistent Builds
With nanobox, your build will always be consistent, regardless of where your build happens. (Apple, Linux, Windows or a CI server). Learn More
Your App, Your choice of provider
Continuous Integration

We've created a script that will prepare a CI environment for deployment with Nanobox. Using Nanobox in your CI workflow ensures your environments are consistent from dev to production. Every time.

Simple Consistent Builds

With Nanobox you don't need to waste time or money on coming up with a build process or configuring a build server. Build happens locally, creating a fully built runtime that syncs with your production application in minutes.

Robust Deploy Permissions

Nanobox allows you to designate specific users with the ability to deploy to ensure you remain in control of your application.

Secure Deploys

All deploys force secure password authentication.