A Platform Builder
for Developers

Nanobox makes it easy to build and
manage the platform your app runs on

Your Choice of Host

Install your app onto your own account for simple integration with existing services. Digital Ocean, AWS, Joyent, Linode.

Nanobox Desktop

Enterprise Grade Management Tools

Manage your app. Scale on demand.

Our dashboard provides visibility into your app via health monitoring and unified logging. It also provides simple tools for scaling your app up or down when needed.

Automatic Environment Configuration

Nanobox configures your environment and installs the runtimes your app needs to run. This includes networking, logging, instance orchestration, DNS routing and much more.

Dev / Production Parity

The same engine that defines your local environment is used to build your production servers. Running a production environment that can be tested locally provides confidence that your local changes won’t behave in unexpected ways in production.