The ideal platform for developers
Focus on code, not config
Stop dealing with environment config and dev-ops complexity
Instant Dev
Nanobox launches a speedy local environment via Docker native or in a lightweight VM
nanobox run
Write Code & Run
Your App Locally
Run and Develop your app using your existing editor and workflow.
Deploy to your cloud provider of choice. Your app runs in the same containers as your local environment.
nanobox deploy
Manage & Scale
Use the nanobox dashboard to deploy, monitor, and scale your app to meet demands.
Instant Dev environment
Install nothing. Nanobox downloads and configures your app’s dependencies on isolated local containers
Focus on Code
Focus on building awesome features instead of fussing with dev environments and production deployments
Fast Runtime
We've tuned the runtimes and configurations so your code will run faster than on your host OS.
Nanobox creates a unified development platform across your team's diverse setups and Operating Systems.
Your app's runtimes, dependencies, and databases are isolated inside containers that can be started, stopped, or destroyed at any time.
Customized for your language / framework
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Deploy to production
You choose a cloud provider and connect your account. We provision servers and install your app for you.
Digital Ocean
Production grade tools
Manage & scale your app with the powerful nanobox dashboard